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Beech tree leaves are identified by their glossy dark green color, ovate to elliptical shape, and finely toothed margins. Young beech leaves look lime green with fine hairs on the edges. In fall, the smooth dark green blades turn stunning bronze, copper, or yellow shades.

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Beech leaves are typically oblong or oval and medium to dark, glossy green. They are between 3 and 6 inches long, with saw-toothed edges. The roble and Antarctic beeches produce alternating leaves...

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American Beech The leaves are oblong to oval and are about 10 cm (3.9 in) long. The leaf margin is serrated and the leaf arrangement is alternate. The autumn color is golden yellow to brown.

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Beech, also known as Fagus is a genus that includes ten species of deciduous trees, which belong to the family Fagaceae. Beech trees are native to the temperate regions of Europe, Asia, and North America. The species that is widely found in North America is known as American beech or Fagus grandifolia. The American beech is a common tree found in the forests and woods of eastern part of the United States.

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Identification American beech is a good looking tree with tight, smooth and skin-like light gray bark. Beech trees are often seen in parks, on campuses, in …

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