The Types of Hairs

Good hair is hair that has always treated every day. A good hair care is the patience and perseverance necessary, because we know the hair is a crown with all the types of hairs.

So that no one in the care of hair, then it should know in advance the type and character of hair that is owned. Since each hair type has different characteristics, so workarounds had to be in a special way too. The types of hairs each person is different. Many people want her hair looks fashionable and many ways to look beautiful by decorating hair.

Therefore I will explain the types of hairs :

Normal hair.

Characteristics : strong hair, soft and shiny, strong and not easily broken. This is caused by hereditary factors and also the circumstances making good food substances that make the hair a healthy shine.

Oily hair.

Characteristics : looks greasy, easily soiled. This is caused by : excessive activity of the oil glands, can also be caused due to hereditary factors, may also from external factors such as stress, vitamin deficiency, diet is too strict and scalp sweating continuously covered, if continually on leave without treatment well, it would be easy scalp dandruff and hair fall out easily.

Dry Hair.

Characteristics : Hair looks dull. rigid, easily broken and split ends easily. This is caused by : The oil on the scalp can be due to an inadequate amount of pollution factors, stress, diet is too strict or chemical processes such as curling, bonding, blow, the use of styling products are excessive and hair coloring process.

Hair dandruff.

Characteristics : dry dull hair and scalp at the scratch if spots appear white. Causes include : One of choosing a shampoo, wash your hair too often. Dust, pollution, rain can also cause hair dandruff.

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