The News of Kobe’s Death Happens at Mamba Academy

Kobe Bryant and Gianna Bryant were heading to Mamba Academy by helicopter. Besides Kobe Bryant, Gianna Bryant was also killed in the accident. A total of eight passengers and one pilot died in the incident.

Mamba academy grieves

Mamba Academy has started its activities since Sunday (1/26) morning before Kobe Bryant and Gianna arrived. Quoted from USA Today, the atmosphere at Mamba Academy is already crowded. Five fields are filled.

In this crowded atmosphere, a student named Nick Pasquini who was also practicing saw one of the assistant coaches giving a telephone to the main coach. The main coach then said something to the referee who was leading the match.

All at Mamba Academy then gather and form a circle. They pray together for Kobe Bryant. The tournament which was planned to be held that day was later canceled. “People talk about how Kobe Bryant inspires. It all happened so fast. I don’t believe that” Blake Rosenthal said. The atmosphere at Mamba Academy was quiet when news of the deaths of Kobe Bryant and Gianna were heard.

A glimpse of Kobe Bryant

After retiring, Kobe Bryant devoted considerable time to training Gianna. Gianna joined the Mamba Academy and aspired to continue his father’s footsteps as a professional basketball player.

According to Wikipedia, Kobe Bean Bryant is a United States professional basketball player. He spent his career for 20 years at the National Basketball Association along with the Los Angeles Lakers. He entered the NBA directly after graduating high school and won five NBA titles.

Chronology of accident events

As reported by TMZ, Bryant intends to deliver his daughter, Gianna Maria-Onore Bryant, to undergo a basketball game. He then headed to the location using his helicopter.

However, unfriendly conditions, because it is foggy, makes helicopters difficult to control. The situation made the helicopter carrying Bryant lose control at 10:00 local time near Las Virgenes Road, south of Agoura Road.

The helicopter was seen flying low, before finally falling and burning on a hill in the Calabasas region, California, United States.

As a result of the unfortunate accident, the authorities ensured that no helicopter passengers survived. Including the victims are Bryant and his daughter. Luckily, the helicopter did not fall on pedestrians or houses around the site.

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