Observations From My Trip To Colorado

Here are some thoughts from my trip to Colorado, in no particular order

  1. The Buick Lucerne is a nice car! It’s a very unfortunate name, reminiscent of yogurt. But darn if I didn’t find it pleasant to drive. Now I’m no connoiseur of cars. The nicest car I’ve ever owned is our base trim-level Mazda 6s. But the Lucerne was quiet and had sufficient power. It had plenty of doo-dads, which were fun for a few minutes, but then I pretty much ignored them. I didn’t sit in the backseat, but my sister-in-law did, and even behind me, with the driver’s seat all the way back, she had enough room. I believe the trim-level was the CXL V6. Anyway, it was the nicest ride I’ve ever had in a rental car.
  2. I’m curious who funds the TSA. Is it the airlines? The airports? Is there an extra fee on the tickets for them? Why is there a special line at airport security for first-class and frequent fliers? This has bothered me for a while, and I’d like to know the answer.
  3. Who owns the area in an airplane seat where the seat can recline? The passenger doing the reclining? Or the passenger sitting behind the passenger doing the reclining? I’m not that tall (6′4″), but my knees usually touch the seat in front of me. When that passenger reclines (and they always seem to recline), I get squashed. Generally I try to provide some force-feedback, and sometimes the passenger gets the picture. The lady in front of me today sure didn’t, though.

Well, that’s it. I didn’t say they were particularly deep thoughts, and I’m sure I ddin’t include some. I can always add more later, though.