Using Lures for Stripped Bass Fishing

We all know that the striped bass will not give up without a fight. This type of fish can be found in salt waters, but also in a few freshwater locations. They can be caught by using a wide variety of fishing techniques, starting from live bait fish to trolling with rubber surgical tube lures up to 30 inches long. With this article we will try to point out a few tips that should be taken into consideration by amateur fishermen and not only.

First, you need to purchase from your local fishing shop some swimmer lures as you will be using them a lot. Now, once you are at your favorite fishing spot you need to cast the swimmer lure. Jetties can be quite effective areas to fish using this specific type of lure because the bait fish congregate among the rocks of the jetty.

As far as the retrieving procedures are concerned, you need to do it slowly reeling the line back onto the reel. By doing this slow retrieve, you will make the lure skim across the surface which will create a small wake behind it. This wake will allow you to fish the lure at the surface of the water in order to find out if the fish are feeding in that level of water.

Now it is time to cast the swimmer lure once again and retrieve the lure, this time at a moderate rate of speed. By doing so, it should cause the lip of the lure to dig into the waters which will most likely cause the lure to wobble and hopefully dive. When you will perform just about the right rate of retrieve, the tip of your fishing pole will pulsate in time with the wobbling of the lure. This type of retrieve will allow you to fish the middle depths of the waters in your favorite fishing area.

Moving on, you need to cast out a swimmer lure that has a longer lip if you want to catch some of the striped bass that can be found in the deeper waters. The longer the lip of the swimmer lure is, the bigger the dive for the lure.

It is highly recommended to use the foregoing retrieves in order to locate the level at which the fish are feeding. Once you have success with a particular retrieve, continue using the same retrieve to pinpoint the level at which the striped bass are feeding on that day and at that time.

Here is a very important tip: try “teasing” the striped bass by using a smaller lure in front of your swimmer lure. The larger swimmer lure will allow you to cast the “teaser” lure farther than it could be cast alone. Remember to check out feeding areas for the bass right next to you. Striped bass usually concentrate their eating efforts at the point where the waves break as this turbulence disorients bait fish and makes the bait fish easier to catch. If you are casting solely for distance, you may overlook the various fish that could be located in the white water closer in.

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