Fishing Charters

A great way for novice fisherman and the general public to get more out of your fishing experience is to book a guided fishing charter.

Guides will usually specialize in a couple of types of fish, like for salmon and trout. They usually operate out of locales that are famous for catching a particular type of sportfish, for example catching salmon in Niagara Falls or catching walleye in Northern Ontario. They operate in seasons known for best times to catch that particular type of fish, such as during the early April to June in Niagara for salmon, and late May to end of September for walleye.

Guides have their own yacht and fishing equipment and you can book a charter with them. They will take you out to known popular fishing spots and you can spend a whole day fishing with them on their yacht. The fishing guide will share his years of experience fishing with you to help you catch some big game fish. The captain or guide will be very familiar with the terrain of the area fished. A smaller fishing charter company will have 1 captain or guide and 1 yacht and larger operations will have multiple captains and more than 1 yacht.

Fishing charters usually require a minimum number of 6-8 people and a time commitment of 6 hours booked. They cost around $600 and more for this type of party.
You can usually even book charters a couple of months in advance.ave running water and flush toilets, onboard generator, the latest electronic gear, and all tackles and bait gear supplied. Some charters will even supply an onboard barbeque or a fully-catered option as an add-on to the package.

You will have to bring a valid fishing license if over the age of 18 years and under 65, sun protection, and Gravol for motion sickness if are prone to this condition. Dress appropriately for the weather conditions of course.

Fishing charters are a very fun way to enjoy a more rewarding fishing experience, especially if you have been catching disappointing small-fry fish or not sure when use the appropriate tackles and techniques, or don’t know the “lay of the land” so to speak.

Specifically, in Lake Ontario, downtown Toronto has quite a few excellent Toronto fishing charters operating from the harbourfront and the port of St. Catherines also has boats going to Niagara Falls for
Niagara fishing charters.

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