Pelion Hotel – Your Dream Holiday Destination

If you need to combine green nature and Crystal Sea in your Greek holidays, if you want to explore traditional villages and historical sites, if you wish to see beautiful countryside, then Pelion is your destination!

A mountainous area in central Greece, right above Volos, the fifth largest Greek city and one of the busiest ports of the country, the region of Pelion is full of mythological background, traditional style and gorgeous beaches.

Pelion was believed to be the residence of the Centaurs in the ancient times, who were mythological creature’s half horse half men, wise and kind in nature. In fact, Centaur Chiron was the teacher of the legendary hero Jason, famous for being the leader of the Aeronautics expedition to get the Golden Fleece. As a matter of fact, a cave today in a secluded mountainside of Pelion is said to be the home of Centaur Chiron.

Along its history from the antiquity to modern times, the mountainous area of Pelion has been a shelter for people to protect themselves from pirates and enemy attacks. That is why, especially in the 17th and the 18th century, Pelion has developed a certain characteristic architectural style with huge, multi-storey houses built on the slopes of the mountainside to observe better the area.

These elegant mansions exist till today and most of them have turned into a Pelion hotel or Pelion apartments. Such a Pelion hotel not only offers great views to the port town of Volos, the gorgeous beaches of the eastern side and the lush surrounding nature, but it will also give a unique and romantic ambience to your vacations.

A Pelion hotel is most likely to be found in the premises of villages situated on a higher ambience. Inside, you will find old traditional furniture and probably a fireplace for the cold winter nights.

If you want to be close to the sea, then you will more possibly stay in those lovely Pelion apartments by the beachside. This accommodation will look a lot like the apartments in the Greek islands, but the difference is that they will be surrounded by greenery, while most islands are barren and rocky.

Although they are located in the mainland, these Pelion apartments do not lack at all the comfort of the islands’ accommodation. In fact, Pelion has developed a lot especially in the last decade, as many tourists seem to appreciate its pure nature and crystal beaches and also combine it with the close, popular islands of Skiathos, Skopelos and Alonissos.

If your Pelion hotel is situated close to villages, you will find many shops, traditional restaurants, museums to visit and areas to trek, all these within a walking distance. If you want more information about the region or the close tourist facilities, do not hesitate to ask the owner or the staff of your Pelion hotel. The locals are always happy to present their homeland to foreigners and to make tourists love Pelion as much as they do. It is certain that once you visit, you will find this place irresistible and want to come back again and again.

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