Corfu Hotel: Find your best in every season

Corfu, one of the most popular summer destinations in Greece and one of the most beautiful islands of the Ionian Sea, has a lot to offer to its visitors. It is not only the natural beauty of Corfu that makes it to distinguish from the other Greek islands but it is also the high level of the tourism infrastructure that makes it distinguish from other Greek islands.

Corfu was the first Greek island to develop strong tourism, attracting mainly people from the United Kingdom and Italy, two countries that have strong historical bonds to Corfu. That is why today a Corfu hotel will probably be more qualitative and advanced in service than the hotels in the other Greek islands.

You can easily find a Corfu hotel all over the island. Although some regions are less developed in tourism than other regions, there are many options for accommodation everywhere. If you are thinking that the most important thing to a hotel is the room, then you can relax: any Corfu hotel has great view to the sea, the mountainsides or the vast valleys with the olive groves. Depending whether you prefer beaches or the countryside and also depending on the season of your visit, you can find a different Corfu hotel.

In summer, you would better find a Corfu hotel that has a view to the pool or the beach. The beaches of Corfu have crystal water and this is certainly the best view to see the morning when you wake up or the evening, when the sun sets and the sea gets a pale orange or pink colour. Every single Corfu hotel is open in summer, as this is the high tourism season for the island. Most tourists prefer their Corfu hotel to be close to the sea, so they don’t have to move to enjoy swimming.

In autumn, most hotels close as tourists leave. You will find a Corfu hotel open here and there and you will not be able to enjoy the hot sun and the cool sea, however you will enjoy something equally precious: the lush green landscape of Corfu Island. In autumn, your Corfu hotel would better have a view to the countryside and a big balcony. From there, you can enjoy the heavy thunderstorms that fall so often that time of year on the island. These storms usually last for short, a few minutes, but they are really sudden. If you are unlucky, there may be no storms but showers that last for a couple of days. In general, rainfalls are very frequent in Corfu and that is why the island is so green.

In winter, almost every single Corfu hotel in the countryside must be close. If you want to visit the island in winter, you will probably have to stay in a Corfu hotel in the Town, which are usually open all year round. As Corfu is not an island that receives tourists all year round, most hotels are open only for the tourism season, which is from April to October. After all, that is when people can enjoy the warm sun and the beaches, which is why Corfu is famous for.

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