Corfu Hotel : An Ideal Tourist Resort On The Island

Corfu Island has been charming visitors and guests. Its panoramic landscape and splendid beaches have drawn millions of tourists in the past. Corfu is considered one of the best places in Greece to spend your vacations. The immense popularity of this island has grown with the passing years. Tourism industry has been working very hard, planning to provide the best facilities and amenities by opening a good Corfu hotel every now and then on the island. In Corfu, you will come across a unique mix of traditional and cosmopolitan cultures. This trend is seen not only on the streets but also in the architecture of the town houses and numerous hotels. In a Corfu hotel the interiors may be quite plush and modern but one can find exclusive traditional decorative items highlighting the culture of this island to the international tourists.

Each and every Corfu hotel is in a way trying to showcase the exotic beauty of this island. You will find many a Corfu hotel on the island some on the gorgeous beaches along the coastline, whereas some are found on the hillside amidst the quaint villages. No matter where you stay, you are special to every Corfu hotel. You are their clients and therefore they cater to your whims and fancies as well. A Corfu hotel is also known for providing the most magnificent views from their hotel rooms. If you are staying close to the beach area, then you will be enjoying a superb view of the beach and the vast Ionian Sea. But if you are located in a Corfu hotel on the hillside then you can surely enjoy an enticing view of the surrounding green valleys and hills. You can also see the numerous hamlets jutting out from the hills. Apart from the views, you can try out the fantastic cuisine of this island.

A Corfu hotel gives a lot of importance to the food prepared for its international guests and visitors staying at the hotel. You can always try out different international cuisine made here. They are made in an authentic manner using fresh farm products and tastes very good. But if you want to try out the traditional local cuisine then you can head to the various taverns and restaurants on the island. For such matters, the Corfu hotel staff can provide you with a list of the best local restaurants that you can visit. A Corfu hotel also gives you travel brochures and inform you of upcoming village festivals that you might like to attend. You need not worry about your transportation while staying on the island. Your Corfu hotel will make all the necessary arrangements once you expressed your wish of exploring the island. They have all sorts of vehicles to suit your needs.

A Corfu hotel can provide you with a guide if you desire to take one with you or else you can always ask for a road map if you want some adventure on the island. The locals of the island are very friendly with tourists and eager to guide them to their destinations. Many a Corfu hotel by the beach has their respective private yacht to help you go for island hopping. Such tours might be expensive but it is worth trying. You can always visit the nearby islands of Paxi, Lefkada, Zakynthos, Ithaki and Kefalonia. These yachts have state-of-the art navigational systems and modern safety measures to ensure a problem free tour incase you might have to face rough weather out at sea. These yachts do have a 24 hour crew service to cater to your different needs. You can take such tours with your entire family as the cabins are fully equipped with modern amenities and are also quite spacious.

The moment you step into any Corfu hotel, you will be enveloped by a sense of calmness and relaxation. A Corfu hotel on the island is an exclusive place for any visitor who is on the lookout for getting pampered and being taken care of. The Corfu hotel staff welcomes you with a pleasing smile and tries their very best to give you a homely feeling since you are so far away from your own home.

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