Ten Reasons to get to Apeldoorn

With a great diversity between green and city-life, Apeldoorn is the place to be for shopping, food & drinks and lots of fun. Really? Be more specific…!

Green in (and out) the city
Compared to other cities, Apeldoorn is surprisingly different. Not many places offer such a diverse combination of peace and quiet and life in a modern city. With lots of trees and parks Apeldoorn has a wide, green character. The (just over) 155.000 inhabitants enjoy the mix of city and nature life. Monumental buildings and green lanes make the city a beautiful vein in the midst of the green that is the Veluwe National Park.

A walk through the parks
A great way to explore one of the finest parts of Apeldoorn is to talk a walk through the five city parks. Although is small, Apeldoorn is spacious with wide pedestrian streets and plenty of green spaces. There are several public parks dotted around the centre and on a bright early-summer lunchtime these are a delight just to wander randomly to see what you find.

Monkey business
For something completely different you should give the Apenheul a try. This zoo is nothing but monkey business, literally. Over 30 species of monkeys live in the woods that’s de Apenheul (apen = monkeys). They pick your pockets if you don’t watch out, they’ll climb your back (or head) but really, it’s a lot more fun than it sounds!

Royal pride
Yes, it’s true. The royals love themselves a bit of Apeldoorn. The former summer residence of the Dutch royal family, Paleis Het Loo, is a popular museum now and the beautiful gardens alone are absolutely worth a visit. If the royals like it, then why shouldn’t you?

Whatever you’re looking for, Apeldoorn’s bound to have it. Delicious food in the many restaurants down town, lots of bars for a fun night out and many other ways to enjoy yourself. In the Orpheus theatre for example, and mainly the America Hall. Events in all sizes his Apeldoorn many times a year. Come and see for yourself!

Culture under one roof
For culture you’re bound for C(ultuur) O(nder) D(ak) A(peldoorn). This unique museum offers a mixture of old and new. CODA matches the former Historical Museum and the Van Reekum Museum for modern art, the Public Library of the town and the local archives. CODA is situated close to the centre of town in a brand new building. Of course you can enjoy some coffee or a small bite at the cafe.

Food & drinks
Whether you’re looking for a quick bite or a three course meal, no one will starve in Apeldoorn. Trendy lunchrooms and cosy haute cuisine restaurants; every international cuisine is available. Or just have a drink during your shopping spree, maybe outside while soaking up the last beams of sun of the day?

Simple to get there
Because it’s located centrally, Apeldoorn is easily reached by car, train or bus. The railway station is near the centre of town and thanks to the many hotels and other places to stay, no one should have to leave!

Shoppers central
With a huge amount of shops and stores, you’re in the right place fors ome serious shopping. Modern warehouses and mainstream brands meet exclusive fashionable high lights in the variety of shopping streets that Apeldoorn has to offer.

Various Apeldoorn Events
There’s an annual Midwinter Marathon that attracts thousands of runners. The so called Dragonboat Festival is held since 2005 and mixes rowing with culture while various contestants from different parts of town compete.

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