The One Stop Shop – The Benefits of Getting Cleaning Supplies from a Single Source

Time, as everyone knows, is money. And what could be more time consuming (and, therefore, expensive) than trolling around hundreds of companies sourcing a floor cleaner here, a mop there, a batch of bin liners somewhere else? That kind of purchasing is for the birds. Any company with an eye on the clock knows that one stop shops are good for certain things: and cleaning supplies are one of those things.

Ultimately, it is possible that by shopping around one could find a supplier whose rubbish bag prices are particularly good; or who does an excellent case price on jay cloths. But in order to do that properly, one would have to spend hours, even days, every single time one needed to replenish any part of the company cleaning cupboard – and all that time would represent money lost by not doing something else. Finding a supplier who sells rubbish bags at 1p less than other suppliers might make a yearly saving of £50 or so in rubbish bag purchases – but how much money is all the time spent finding the cleaning supplies source for cheap bin bags actually worth? Probably a lot more than £50.

The thing about cleaning products is this – they run out all the time. Ordering cleaning stuff is one of the most common activities in the purchasing departments of any company – whether that department is a whole team of people who just buy in stuff, or a single person who does it all on a Friday morning. And there’s such a diversity of cleaning products that finding the best suppliers for each individual one would take years. By which time half of the products would have changed price and the process would have to start all over again.

No – the best way to source and buy cleaning supplies is to find a single, reliable source with a good reputation. You’ll soon start reaping the benefits of bulk discounts and occasional offers; and you’ll know that all the products you receive are going to be reliable and rapidly delivered. Look for a company that stocks everything, from hardware to actual cleaning preparations, and your cleaning cupboard stocking headaches will be over from that day forth.

You’ll find all sorts of fringe benefits when you start sourcing cleaning supplies in this fashion. First and foremost is the fact that everything you get works with everything else. Sounds obvious, but if you order all your mop buckets and heads from the same place then you can be sure they all use the same fixtures and colour coding systems (red for toilets, yellow for food and so on). Often, companies that do all cleaning products and their hardware will get into the habit of ringing to check if you need anything, which means you never forget an order either.

Sourcing cleaning supplies from all over the place went out when the high street died. These days, the only way to go is big – get on the net and find a company that can supply everything. Open an account and forget about it: the hassles of filling that cleaning cupboard are over.

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