Why Buy Cessna 172 for Sale?

Be it the real estate market, stocks or used airplanes, it’s no doubt a buyers’ market these days. Fuel prices are getting steeper and many aircraft owners are actually selling their two engine planes and replacing them with single engine ones. Now you may ask, as the title suggests, why should you invest in a used Cessna 172 for sale?

Cessna 172 Skyhawk is perhaps the most popular model of airplane that the company has manufactured till date. Most pilots have their first flying experience on these aircrafts as they are commonly used in pilot training academies. Used planes for sale, such as Cessna 172, is definitely in high demand among new airplane owners who are on the lookout for good deals.

In 1955, the first prototype of Cessna 172 Skyhawk was flown successfully. Manufacturing of the plane began in 1956. In case of used airplanes, the cruising speed may vary depending upon the year in which it was manufactured and also the engine. 105 to 125 knots is the normal cruising speed of a Cessna 172 in fixed gear, which is quite impressive.

Cessna 172 was expected to be popular with the public and it did become a success overnight and reached tremendous popularity. In the first year of its manufacture, in 1956, about 1,400 Cessna 172 aircrafts were sold. The production estimate of the plane, according to official declarations, is between 35,000 to 43,000. So, in case you want to re-sale your used aircraft you won’t face any difficulty.

Flight simulators for Cessna 172 also make it a popular choice among flyers as most people would have tried their hand on a flight simulator like FlightProSim before actually taking off ground. Even though such flight simulator software simulates the flying of helicopters, gliders, zeppelins, hand gliders and even UFOs, the most popular model among aircrafts for simulation is the Cessna 172. The two variations of Cessna 172 flying simulators include the standard C172 and the 172R Skyhawk. These realistic flight simulators help to reduce you pilot training expenses and make it easier for you to handle your own Cessna 172.

The popularity of Cessna 172 around the world as a flight training plane is due to the reason that it has turned out to be the most dependable airplane in the long run. Its user-friendliness is above par making it the number one choice for flight training schools. Cessna 172 has astounding civil utility and is particularly accommodating.

Even though many Cessna 172 owners worry that they won’t be able to sell their aircraft as it doesn’t have glass instrumentation, it is a wrong notion because most pilots learnt to fly on analogue instruments. The majority of first-time owners also prefer these since they cost less while buying a used aircraft for sale.

So, if you are planning to buy a used Cessna 172 which is in pretty good condition then don’t hesitate anymore. It’s definitely a good choice.

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