Choosing the right product for affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing has become a very popular method to earn online income with very little investment (in fact no investment in most cases). The concept is quite simple and one doesn’t need to have any prior knowledge or technical know-how to start as an affiliate marketer. In affiliate marketing, you choose a product and try to sell it through your website or Blog. Every time a customer (referred by you) purchases that particular product, you get a percentage of the price as commission. At times you can get 50% or even more of the selling price, which means just a small number of successful referrals, can result in a very good part time income. Sounds quite simple and easy, so far? However, affiliate marketing is not a fail-safe road to prosperity at all. One of the biggest reasons of failure is probably the inability of choosing the right product to use.

A very common misconception, often observed in offline businesses is the assumption that customers will pay for a product just because the manufacturer thinks, it’s useful. The truth is that an affiliate marketer needs to be absolutely unbiased when choosing a product, making sure that personal likes and dislikes have a very minimal say in product selection. The product must appeal to a larger set of customers, and it must cater some common need (e.g. health, status, wealth). Do not get wary by the fact that too many vendors are already marketing similar products. Competition might be tough but at least you can be sure that the demand is there. You can also gauge the demand for a product by using keyword research tools.

The next important thing is the price of the product and commission rates. The product should be reasonably priced; you can go for low commission rates if you think you’ll be able to refer lots of customers, otherwise go for higher commission rates (even better, look for the affiliate programs offering recurring payments). You must take into account your strong points, if you are good at marketing, then you should choose a product first and then design a website or Blog around it. On the contrary, if you are good at some particular topic, you should start a website and than choose the product, accordingly. Another very important thing to check is the landing page you will be referring your customers to, because all of your marketing efforts will go in vain if the referred customers are not making purchase. If, majority of referrals are not making any purchase, you should change the product.