Hiring A Family Law Attorney San Jose

Some people prefer to use a family law attorney San Jose in their divorce case. Aside from preference, it’s best to be represented by a lawyer from start to finish in the case if client have unresolved custody issues, or if client do not have equal bargaining power with his or her spouse. An example of this is a spouse who has been dominated or abused by the other spouse. If threats figure into the marriage, client will probably need a lawyer in his or her divorce. Most people fall someplace between not needing a lawyer at all, and needing to have a lawyer handle the entire case. It’s always a good idea to be informed about the legal rights, and an initial consultation with a divorce lawyer is typically either free or reasonably priced. It’s worth it to find out the state’s child support laws, position on alimony, tax ramifications of the possible asset division and support scenarios, and factors that determine property division. Client can consult with several lawyers to get several opinions.

client could also find a lawyer who would be willing to review a final agreement or mediation proposal, and to discuss the concrete terms with client in the context of what client are entitled to under the state’s laws, on an hourly basis rather than representing you fully. Of course, such a lawyer will not be as intimately familiar with the individual cir[censored] stances as he or she would be if representing client throughout the case, but an ongoing consultation relationship with a lawyer will keep client abreast of the laws and genera] considerations that affect client. Client can then supplement this information with research on own, or with an accountant.

Client may also wish to hire a family law attorney San Jose to represent him or her fully while he or she pursues different negotiation alternatives. This is a po[censored] r divorce attorney/client relationship because it keeps client under the protection of an attorney, yet it allows client to try and resolve the case on own to the extent client can do so. As issues are resolved outside of the attorney’s office, client can discuss the agreements with the attorney to be sure that they’re fair given the particular cir[censored] stances and the law that applies to the case. If client intend to pursue mediation or other out-of-court settlement methods with the spouse, be clear with the lawyer that client don’t want conflicts to escalate in court unless absolutely necessary. Oftentimes clients feel more comfortable having an attorney “on retainer” so that they can call and ask questions, make appointments, or have court papers filed upon request, without having to reestablish a relationship each time a service is needed.

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