Evaluating The Child Custody Lawyer San Jose

Once client have narrowed down his or her search in finding the child custody lawyer San Jose, there is several things to look for when he or she is evaluating a prospective lawyer. Client can learn a great many things about a lawyer from the Internet. Client can also set up an initial conference where he or she can observe the lawyer and ask direct questions. This section explains some things client may want to think about and questions he or she may want to ask before hiring a lawyer. Family law has become specialized and complex. It would be good for client to find someone with experience in this area of the law. In fact, client may want to hire someone with at least five years of experience as a divorce lawyer (ten to fifteen years is even better). However, not every lawyer with fifteen years of experience has the necessary knowledge, skills, and wisdom. Client will still have to interview the lawyer and conduct the investigation to be sure.

Does your lawyer practice divorce full-time, or does he or she hold him- or herself out as skilled in other areas at the same time, such as personal injury law or real estate law? Is the lawyer a divorce attorney who only practices family law, or does he or she have a general practice that offers services of every type to every kind of client, only dabbling in family law from time to time? Is the lawyer recognized as an authority in family law, or is he or she still a relative unknown? If the research shows client that a lawyer has recently graduated from law school or just passed the bar exam in the state, the hourly fees may be lower, but it may end up costing client a lot more in the long run. All lawyers have to start somewhere, but client do not want to be their practice case. Client is looking for an experienced, recognized authority who is a full-time divorce attorney.

Stability is also important. Ask if the child custody lawyer San Jose has been in the same place or with the same firm for some years, or has been looking for new practice areas and opportunities by bouncing around from job to job. While client do not want someone who is meek and mild and will cave to the other side, client also do not want a lawyer who is so aggressive and rude that everyone is alienated and nothing gets accomplished. Client does not want to win the divorce by destroying the family.

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