Factors to Consider When Hiring Your DUI Lawyer

You have been caught driving under influence in Virginia, and you are thinking that getting the assistance of a DUI lawyer will make things easier on your part. But the main question is, how are you going to identify which lawyer is actually the most suitable one to solve your traffic law case?

Experience is Always the Key

If you are looking for a traffic law attorney, the foremost element that you need to consider is the lawyer’s experience. That’s why you need to ensure that you first ask your prospect attorney as to how long he has been practicing traffic law. More particularly, you will have to determine the level of experience that the lawyer has when it comes to representing clients who were charged with Dui in Virginia. If the answer that you’ve got from the DUI lawyer is an evasive one, inquire about the common legal and technical defenses being used when fighting such charges.

It is also a must for you to know how many DUI cases that an attorney has already taken to the court. For a forceful legal defense to be established, your DUI lawyer should be willing to take the case to trial stage.

A lengthy resume of traffic law trial is a sure indication that the DUI lawyer has no signs of qualms about the thought of appearing before the jury or judge in your behalf. On the other hand, the opposite might be an implication that the lawyer is just going to dispose your DUI case the soonest time that he gets a chance. In the field of traffic law or law in general, trial experience is commonly the one factor that sets apart the advocates, debaters, and orators from paper pushers and desk jockeys.

Ethics are Also of Great Importance

Apart from experience, your DUI lawyer should also have an above reproach and respected re[censored] tion. Thus, it is a must to raise questions regarding the ethics of a particular lawyer.

The very first question that you need to ask is if the attorney has been disciplined by the state bar of Virginia. This oversight body is the one that monitors the lawyers’ conduct and has an ability of sanctioning, suspending or even disbarring them for criminal or ethical transgressions. To put it simply, if employers have second thoughts when it comes to hiring employees who have criminal records in the past, then, as a client, you must also be hesitant in engaging in services of a lawyer who has run-in records with Virginia state bar.

When looking for a reliable DUI lawyer, experience and ethics are just two of the most crucial factors that you have to take into account for you to come up with a right decision during your search. By finding an attorney who has a vast experience in this particular field and was able to establish a good re[censored] tion at the same time, you will be assured that you are in safe hands.

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