Different Types of Child Custody Arrangements after Divorce

As the old adage goes, nothing in this life is permanent, and even the best of romances can come to an end. This is true, even in the case of those couples who have been married for so many years, only to end up finding themselves facing the possibility of a divorce. During such an instance, apart from the division of the conjugal properties, child custody is yet another sensitive issue that must be looked into by couples should they finally decide to put an end to their marriage.

At present, there are various custody arrangements which can be proscribed by the court after the divorce of a couple. So far, there are four kinds of child custody arrangements that are being recognized by the state laws. These include the following:

Sole Legal Custody
If only one of the parents has retained the responsibilities and rights in relation to the child/children, it is called sole legal custody. It is considered as the most common kind of custody once a divorce takes place. During this arrangement, the non-custodial party can still retain the visitation rights yet has little rights as far as the child is concerned.

Joint Legal Custody
In this custody arrangement, both parents are going to have equal responsibilities and rights to their children, and these will include areas like education, health as well as overall well being. Joint legal custody, in majority of the states, is said to be the most recommended arrangement for children of a divorced couple. This kind of arrangement will require the parents to work mutually for the sake of their children. Also, it will require the parents to provide a particular plan to the court that will give them an idea as to how this kind of custody is going to work.

Joint Physical Custody
In the case of joint physical body, the two parents are going to be required to have big amounts of physical contact with their children. The two parents will likely spend every single day with their child or probably do it equally. A good example of this kind of child custody is when the child will stay in one home where both parents can come and go anytime they want or it can also be that the child/children will be staying with both of the parents for a period of 6 months each within a whole year.

Sole Physical Custody
The sole physical custody pertains to the arrangement in which the child will only have a major contact with one parent or when he/she exclusively lives with one parent only. During such situations, the visitation rights of the other parent that is not in custody might still be granted by the court.

A divorce is never a good thing, not just in the case of the couple but more so, on those children that will be affected by the separation of their parents. For this reason, choosing the best child custody arrangement is the best way to ensure that the child/children will still be able to live a normal life.

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