Historical Romance Novels: Love Stories in Different Periods Told in Different Ways

Reading a book is like opening a portal into the land of opportunities, where the mind is free to be creative and absorb information. It permits you to explore different worlds of the past, present, and future, ultimately permitting you to comprehend your own. Individuals who have a real interest in life frequently enjoy books, one of the most po[censored] r of which is the romance novel, as the latter pulls the reader’s heartstrings.

Among all the categories in all of literature, why is romance one of the most well-known? Well, there are few others that are more timeless than a love story that has actually regaled numerous generations with its topics of betrayal, compassion, sacrifice, and misfortune. Whatever plot a romance novel has, readers are constantly moved by every story since everyone recognizes the concept of love and how it can alter lives. Below are some romance novels you can enjoy.

alkyrie’s Vengeance

This novel written by Suzie Grant is a Viking tale about retribution that characterizes love in a one-of-a-kind manner. Set in 901 AD, this historical romance is filled with thrilling sequences from the first to the final chapter. The plot is centered on unforeseen love blossoming between the vengeful Tyra and her captive, Rorik, who uses a mystical sword. Readers will certainly delight in the turn of events, and also the splendid sketch of Norse culture.

Saving Grace

An additional novel that belongs to the list of the best historical romance novels is Saving Grace by Catherine [censored] le. It is the story of Lady Grace Abernathy, a woman impregnated and who has been deemed unsuitable for any gentleman. Lord Alexander Hardwicke comes upon her through his mother’s matchmaking schemes, goading him to marry her. They are driven into each other’s lives against their will, but soon find themselves falling for the other. Society’s repulsion of a disgraced lady strains their relationship, and only their hearts can tell if their love will conquer society’s norms.

Regency Christmas Summons

If you like anthologies and can’t get enough from one book, you may like Regency Christmas Summons. This romance series revolves around four young ladies called together by their grandfather for Christmas. The grandfather assumes the role of Cupid for his granddaughters, stirring turmoil and a bunch of romantic adventures with different men along the way. You can buy romance series novels and similar pieces through online outlets, or you can simply download them.

While few can replace the sensation of flipping the pages of your favorite books, the best historical romance novels are also available for the high-tech generation. You can get an e-book for your Kindle, Nook, or any other e-reader. For additional information on romance novels, go to: squidoo.com/best-historical-romance-novels.

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